Ready to feel better about your extra dramatic love life? Don’t miss Carmen from Opera Carolina. This classic tale blends a flirtatious woman, jealousy, fits of rage, a bullfighter and a dramatic ending with beautiful music and unforgettable characters.

Whether you are new to opera (no worries, there are subtitles and summaries), have it on your bucket list or wouldn’t miss an aria for the world, get your tickets and make plans to catch this famous opera by French composer Georges Bizet.

Watch out for ‘that’ girl

And by “that” girl, we mean the gypsy and title character, Carmen. She makes her grand entrance singing the seductive aria, Habanera. You’ll know the tune as soon as it starts and even if you don’t know the words, you’ll get the point. She belts out the beautiful song, daring the eager men to love her. Only one guy pays her no attention, Don Jose. And yep, you guessed it, that’s the one Carmen decides she wants.

For some people it’s never enough

Once Don Jose is finally freed from prison after saving Carmen, he goes to meet her at a tavern where she greets him with news that she danced for another man, Zuniga. To add insult to injury, she taunts Don Jose, saying if he really loved her he would desert the army and run away with her and a band of thieves to the mountains.

Just as Don Jose starts to explain why he can’t go, Zuniga comes back ready to profess love to Carmen and, in a fit of jealousy, Jose fights him. He now has no choice but to join Carmen. When they arrive at their destination, Carmen tells Jose she is over him and advises him to go home to his mother (cold).

After a tangle with Carmen’s new love interest, a bullfighter named Escamillo (that was fast), Jose goes home but not before he warns her they will meet again (she is not scared).

Sometimes she’s just not that into you

Well it turns out Jose was right, Carmen and Jose do meet again at the bullfight starring (you guessed it again) Carmen’s new main squeeze, Escamillo. Jose requests to see Carmen and, against other people’s advice, she agrees.

Jose begs her to forget the past and to start a new life with him. She tells him their love affair is over and to move on. To prove she is serious, Carmen takes off the ring he gave her and throws it at his feet. As she turns and heads to the arena to see Escamillo, Jose stabs her to death. (We did not see that coming.)

Article written by Courtney McLaughlin.

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