Our Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Commitment

Opera Carolina’s Board-Approved DE&I Policy

Our Goal is to reflect the community that we serve in our leadership, our audiences, and our artists.

Our Purpose is to use the opera artform to advance dialogue, education, engagement and artist advancement, and to present authentic stories that reflect the community we serve.

Our Mission is To serve the community by enriching audiences of all ages and backgrounds, engaging and advancing the careers of artists, and embracing and reflecting cultural diversity.

At Opera Carolina, we believe in:

  • The universality of the opera artform;
  • The power of opera to reflect, connect and give voice to our communities;
  • The galvanizing nature of cultural diversity;
  • Respecting the performing artist and creating an environment for professional development;
  • The positive nature of collaboration and cooperation with other arts organizations;
  • Responsible fiscal management that is balanced with our artistic vision.

Opera Carolina has an unswerving commitment to Excellence in:

  • Opera productions
  • Education and Community Programs
  • Civic Engagement
  • Effective and strategic partnerships
  • Customer service
  • Maximizing resources

Vision Statement

  • We envision a future that is robust and dynamic.
  • We envision a company that is actively engaged in the community, with participants, audiences and stakeholders that represent our region’s citizenry.
  • We envision a company that makes a qualitative difference in the education of young people.
  • We envision performances that are artistically compelling, performed at a high level.
  • We envision a customer base that embraces the unique and challenging; and that views Opera Carolina performances as being a unique experience, distinct from other forms of entertainment that enriches their intellectual and emotional state of being.