Dear Friends of Opera Carolina

These are unprecedented times in our world. At Opera Carolina, our offices are closed, performances, education programs and special events have been rescheduled or cancelled as we participate in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. Yet our work continues online as we work to fulfill our mission to serve the region’s diverse populations with excellent Opera, Education and Community programs. We hope you have seen our digital iStream series and our other virtual programming over the past few months.

It is very important that our response to the public health crisis is measured, fact-based, and fully considers the safety of our patrons and our artists. For this reason, we do not expect to announce a decision regarding the 2020/2021 Belk Theater season, our Opera Unlimited performances or our special events until Labor Day at the earliest.


As we continue to monitor government guidelines for health and safety, you have our pledge that the value of your tickets will be fully honored. If at any time you feel it is unsafe to attend an Opera Carolina performance or event for which you have purchased a ticket, we will gladly provide you with these options:

1. Exchange your tickets for another performance or event (good through May 2021);

2. Turn your purchase into a tax-deductible charitable gift to Opera Carolina;

3. Receive a credit for a future performance or event (unfortunately we cannot include Performing Arts Center fees and NC taxes);

4. Request a refund.

Thank you for your continued support and for your patience as we evaluate and monitor this ever-changing health emergency.

As creators and communicators of stories from diverse perspectives and traditions, the artists, staff, and Board of Directors of Opera Carolina believe in the power of our artform to shape a world free from racism, bigotry, and exclusion.  We acknowledge that many of opera’s inherited practices and its structures have created barriers that include but are not limited to race, socio-economic status, age, and religion.
We envision a future that affirms and uplifts the black community so that all may be uplifted and we recognize that this is hard work. The staff and Board are committed to continually building personal and organizational awareness of, resources for, and skills required to ensure Opera Carolina is inclusive and equitable in our operation and engagements both on and off the stage.

The Season of Action

Music uplifts us when times are good, and it inspires us in times of adversity. Opera Carolina has planned a season long on action and drama. A season filled with characters whose choices propel their stories forward – toward sometimes tragic and sometimes uplifting ends.

Let the action begin.


Opera Carolina performs in Charlotte's premiere venues: the Belk and Knight Theaters, each located in the heart of Center City Charlotte. Center City offers great options for dining, lodging and parking – all within walking distance to the theater