Carolina Bride Magazine made bridal history featuring a photo shoot using the artistic backstage scenes from Opera Carolina’s Rigoletto at the Blumenthal Arts Center just hours before the dress rehearsal began. “Art” is the theme for the spring issue of Carolina Bride Magazine. Therefore, partnering with the April premiere of Opera Carolina’s The Marriage of Figaro created the perfect collaboration between the two. “Because Charlotte has an incredible art community, we thought this photoshoot could really showcase that,” said Editor of Carolina Bride Magazine Erin Maddrey. “Especially since The Marriage of Figaro also premiers in April, this is a great opportunity for a partnership!”

But this was no ordinary bridal shoot – Carolina Bride Magazine created a very unconventional bridal shoot featuring nontraditional gowns utilizing color, art and drama with intricate detailed pieces to accent the backdrop of Opera Carolinas sets and props.

Additionally, the compilation included dresses donated by generous boutiques, vintage fashion and jewelry pieces from individual collectors and on the spot creative floral arrangements. The shoot was extremely challenging with the time constraints, but very successful in obtaining inventive shots from different angles highlighting each aspect of the theatre right up until the very minute rehearsal began.

The 10 page spread will feature fashion forward wedding gowns with Opera Carolina’s artistic sets as the bridal background. Who knew marriage and art could go…hand in hand?