Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Will I understand what they are singing?

Yes. English translations of the lyrics are projected on a screen above the stage as they are sung. Also a full synopsis of the opera is provided online and in the evening’s program.

Where do I park?

Visit our parking page for the most-update options.

Where do I get my tickets?

Visit our Tickets page for more info on upcoming performances.

When should I clap?

At the end of big arias and, of course, at the final curtain calls. Feel free to shout out “Bravo!” (for a male performer), “Brava!” (for a female performer) or “Bravi!” (for an ensemble), singers love an appreciative audience!

What time should I arrive to the theater?

Consider how long it’ll take you to park, walk to the theater, retrieve your tickets, and have 15 minutes of relaxation before the performance is scheduled to begin.

What should I wear to the opera?

Don’t stress and have fun! Business or dressy attire works for Thursday night; Saturday is opening night and dressy to black tie attire is acceptable. Casual attire is perfect for the Sunday matinee.

What if I'm late

Opera Carolina has a late-seating policy. Latecomers will not be admitted to the theater until intermission or on rare occasions when the conductor has designated an appropriate interval for seating. Please note that Opera Carolina makes every effort to start each opera at the published start time.

How long does the opera last?

Running times vary per opera, but most run approximately 2 and 1/2 to 3 hours in length, with at least one intermission.

Does Opera Carolina offer opera previews?

Yes. 50 minutes prior to each performance you can learn about the theme, composer, characters, etc. and enjoy a free preview of the opera on the Orchestra Level inside the theater of the Belk Theater.

Do you offer student performances?

Yes, visit our Student Night page for more information.

Can I bring children?

Opera Carolina encourages children ages 6 or older to attend performances. Beyond that, it is every parent’s responsibility to decide whether his or her child is of an age to appreciate the performance.

FAQ’s Opera Xpress

When is Opera Xpress available?

Opera Xpress tours in the fall and winter/spring of each school year. For exact dates, please contact us.

What else is included with Opera Xpress?

A post-performance Q&A with the cast and a curriculum-linked education guide, which offers detailed information on the performance and the art form, as well as curricular links to every subject area!

What do I need to have Opera Xpress at my school/venue?

It’s simple! All you need is a cleared performance space –a stage isn’t always necessary- and a piano or keyboard if one is available. We bring the rest!

How much does Opera Xpress cost?

Costs vary depending on distance to performance site and sponsorships. Please contact us for more detailed pricing information.

How long is Opera Xpress?

The performances are approximately 45 minutes in length.

For what grade levels is Opera Xpress appropriate?

The productions are specifically tailored for grade levels K-5.

Can I have more than one Opera Xpress performance in one day?

Yes. We offer up to 2 performances in one day.