Written by Corey Mitchell

Kenny Overton’s vocal prowess is awe-inspiring.

Standout songs/performances from the outstanding company members include, “A Woman is a Sometime Thing” and “My Man’s Gone Now (Since I Lost My Man)”

When the company is singing together, it is a glorious thing.

One of my personal favorite characters of all time is Sportin’ Life- whether it’s David Allen Grier on Broadway, Sammy Davis, Jr in the movie adaptation or the charismatic Victor Ryan Robertson in the OC cast! His “Ain’t Necessarily So” doesn’t disappoint!

Bouncing between passion (Crown), her insecurities (Sportin’ Life’s happy dust) and true love born out of kindness (Porgy), Bess finds herself spiraling in an untenable cycle. “Why Do You Want Bess?”  is a prime example of her dilemma and a standout moment for Nicole Cabell.

“Oh Lord, I’m On My Way” was a triumphant ending to this iconic opera. Overton and company were solid and true in the final moments of the show.